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The theme for the Global Congress of Chemical Engineering 2024 is:

To Sustainability and Beyond

Please make your submission under the category which best applies to your content.

Submission Topics:

  1. Chemical engineering in society
    Equity, women in engineering, engineers in banking/finance/corporates
    Engineers as leaders and change agents
  2. Safety
    The prevention of harm to our people, environment, equipment and reputation
  3. Process engineering and fundamentals
    Design, process development, conceptualisation, operation, troubleshooting and modelling of process equipment
  4. Chemical and biochemical production
    Including catalysis, troubleshooting and optimisation
  5. Operational excellence and process control
    Topics related to plant operation and control, including maintenance, reliability and best practices
  6. AI and the 4th industrial revolution
    Big data, digitilisation, machine learning, AI tools in the chemical engineering environment, virtual training
  7. Energy
    Green energy, hydrogen economy, renewable energy, energy generation, electricity in South Africa, electricity storage, just energy transition, fossil fuels, synethetic fuels, batteries, fuel cells, optimisation
  8. Water
    Treatment, purification and minimisation
  9. Food and agriculture
    Fertilizers and pesticides, food processing, packaging, food security, green practices
  10. Health and Pharma
    Pharmacology and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, packaging, materials for prosthetics, veterinary medicine, raw materials supply and other related topics
  11. Materials and corrosion
    Smart materials, graphene and graphene oxide, nanomaterials, rare earth magnets, corrosion challenges, materials for the future
  12. Green mining
    The implementation of technologies and mining processes aimed at reducing environmental impacts that can occur following the extraction and processing of metals and minerals.
  13. Chemical engineering education and profession
    Governance, engineering registration, curriculum development, continuous professional development
  14. Environmental engineering
    Environment, circular economy, restoration, regeneration, legislation and treaties
  15. Other topics for sustainability and beyond

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