6 – 11 October 2024

Cape Town, South Africa

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Welcome to GCCE 2024

South Africa welcomes everyone who uses and applies science to better their lives and the planet to Cape Town from 6 to 11 October 2024.

The Global Congress of Chemical Engineering 2024 will bring discourse to chemical engineering in all its dimensions, ranging from the technical fundamentals, through industrial applications, to the well-being of people, along with the growth of the economy and saving our planet.

Water, food, materials, energy, health and waste treatment are central to being human, as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals set out in detail.  Chemical engineering makes the underlying sciences real in the lives of humans.  Not only does science allow us to move toward sustainability, but indeed to progress beyond it.  Hence our theme:  TO SUSTAINABILITY AND BEYOND!


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The Global Congress of Chemical Engineering 2024 is an intermediate Congress of the World Chemical Engineering Council (WCEC).  The WCEC is a global organization that ensures a high standard of chemical engineering and related science and technologies.  Its vision is to create a worldwide organisation that can identify, respond to, and add value to global issues, opportunities and obligations facing the chemical engineering profession, the industries served by chemical engineers, and those elements of society that they impact.

The South African Institution of Chemical Engineers (SAIChE), a member of the WCEC, was awarded the Global Congress of Chemical Engineering in 2017 after a successful bidding process.

SAIChE is the South African voluntary professional organization for chemical engineering professionals. Its mission is the advancement of chemical engineering in South Africa, and to serve the interests of its members and the community at large, whilst formally representing the profession with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and other statutory organisations in South Africa.

As the official hosts of the GCCE 2024, SAIChE is delighted to announce this event, a first for South Africa and the African continent.

The Global Congress of Chemical Engineering is a platform for individuals, groups, governments and companies to showcase their sustainability and regenerative initiatives, and where they can talk about, how they are moving away from “business as usual” by thinking more smartly and differently about processes, products, energy and water consumption, along with waste generation.

It is a platform to have real discussions about what is required, the limitations, the frustrations and the rewards of a sustainable future.  Within each category of the 17 development goals, we have a role to play and what better way to create partnerships for the goals than to bring together like-minded individuals?

Individuals can also earn continuous professional development points (CPD) through Congress participation and workshop attendance contributing to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) skills development for company employees and individuals.